Friday, June 3, 2011

Life is good in Florida

It seems that no matter what state I go to I find myself being pleasantly surprised.

Arkansas was fun, Iowa was cool, and now Florida is very chill. Perhaps I am thinking about this all wrong; maybe it's less about geographic or geopolitical lines and more about people. All these speaking tours I am going on have one thing in common: no matter where I go I am always surrounded by my fellow .NET developers.

...and all of you people rock!

I am a nerdy guy, and birds of a feather flock together, but this is more than that. Every user group has been filled with fun and interesting people, and we all arrived at the same destination by taking different paths. We come together at these meetings because we all "get it", we love what we do, and I can not think of a better crowd of people that I want to spend my time with.

In short: Thank you.

Thank you Microsoft for developing such great technology. Thank you INETA for helping these DNUGs stay organized. Thank you everyone that has come out to my presentations so far. Thank you everyone who has gone out after the meetings to keep talking shop. On that note:

A tavern that serves beer in pink elephant glasses...can anyone top that? I don't know, but I intend to find out with my remaining presentations!

  • June 7th (Tuesday) - Deerfield Beach, Florida - Code Generation
  • June 8th (Wednesday) - Fort Walton Beach, Florida - Code Generation
  • June 9th (Thursday) - Mobile, Alabama - Code Generation

See you out there,

Tom DuPont
Vagabond Programmer

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