Friday, May 13, 2011

LINQ to SQL vs Entity Framework vs NHibernate

I am working on a new presentation that is essentially a compare and contrast analysis of the three major ORMs out there (LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and NHibernate). My problem is not the content, it's choosing a name for the presentation! Here are just a few ideas that I've been considering:

  • Ultimate Fighter
    • Ultimate Fighter: ORM Edition!
    • ORM Showdown: The good, the bad, and the query.
    • ORM Fight Night
    • Object Relational Matchup
  • Misc Movies
    • ORM Club: If it's your first night, your app has to fight.
    • Super-ORM-Man 4: The Quest for Business Logic
    • Dr. Strange DAL: Or how I learned to stop worrying and generated an ORM!
  • Video Games
    • World of ORM Craft
    • pORMtal: This is a triumph!
    • pORMtal 2: Wa are going to have fun, with computer science!
  • Star Wars
    • ORM Wars, Episode 4: A New DAL
    • ORM Wars, Episode 5: The Profiler Strikes Back
    • ORM Wars, Episode 6: Return of the DAL
  • Indiana Jones
    • ORM and the Raiders of the lost DAL
    • ORM and the DAL of Doom
    • ORM and the Last Cascade
  • Star Trek
    • ORM Trek 1: The Data Access Layer
    • ORM Trek 2: The Wrath of DAL
    • ORM Trek 3: The Search for Business Logic
    • ORM Trek 4: The Request's Roundtrip Voyage Home
    • ORM Trek 5: The Data Access Frontier 
    • ORM Trek 6: The Undiscovered Productivity
    • ORM Trek 7: Code Generations
    • ORM Trek 8: First Contract
    • ORM Trek 9: SQL Injection
    • ORM Trek 10: ADO.Nemesis
  • The Hobbit
    • Lord of the ORM: Fellowship of the Data Layers
    • Lord of the ORMs: The Batch Queries
    • Lord of the ORMs: Return of the DAL
    • There and Back Again: An Entity's Tale, by ORM

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  1. Debbie does DAL
    Debbie goes deeper in the DAL
    Taboo with the ORM
    SQL Injection


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