Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why method that return a Task should end with Async

I have spoken before about using the Fleck WebSocket server library for .NET, but recently I experienced a small problem with it. Pull request #126 changed several public methods to become async and return a Task instead of void.

This did not follow the recommended naming convention of naming all async methods with the Async suffix.

In my case, this caused us to introduce a bug to a project that was using Fleck. We would ignore Task returned from IWebSocketConnection.Send, and under high load the task scheduler would get backed up.

Even though I do not think that they are going to use it, I created a pull request that updated the the public methods to include the Async suffix. Also, in order to maintain backwards compatibility, I also added obsolete methods to the interfaces without the suffix.

What did I do with the tasks? Rather than write in parallel, I used a concurrent queue and had a background task serially write messages to the connection.



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