Sunday, October 25, 2015

Override Configuration via Command Line

In my previous blog posts I have talked about creating complex config objects from your app.config file, as well as how to have cascading configuration settings from multiple files. Now I want to build on that concept by taking in configuration from command line in a generic fashion that will override your other cascading settings.

Configuration Object

public class TestConfig
    public string Hello { get; set; }
    public string Goodnight { get; set; }


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key="TestConfig.Hello" value="World" />
    <add key="TestConfig.Goodnight" value="Moon" />


Please note that this is a very simple implementation of how to parse the command line arguments and will not be resilient to all inputs.

public static class ConfigurationHelpers
    public static NameValueCollection FromCommandLine(
        string args, 
        string argsDelimeter = " ",
        string prefix = "/s:",
        string valueDelimeter = "=")
        var result = new NameValueCollection();
        var splitArgs = args.Split(
            new[] {argsDelimeter},
        foreach (var arg in splitArgs)
            if (!arg.StartsWith(prefix))
            var i = arg.IndexOf('=');
            if (i == -1)
            var key = arg.Substring(prefix.Length, i - prefix.Length);
            var value = arg.Substring(i + 1);
            result.Add(key, value);
        return result;

Unit Tests

public class ConfigurationHelpersTests
    [InlineData("/s:TestConfig.Hello=Hello", 1, "Hello")]
    [InlineData("/s:TestConfig.Goodnight=Dawg", 1, "World")]
    [InlineData("/s:TestConfig.Hello=There /s:TestConfig.Goodnight=Dawg", 2, "There")]
    public void FromCommandLine(string args, int count, string helloValue)
        var map = ConfigurationHelpers.FromCommandLine(args);
        Assert.Equal(count, map.Count);
        var combined = map.Combine(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings);
        var config = combined.CreateObject<TestConfig>(string.Empty);
        Assert.Equal(helloValue, config.Hello);


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