Wednesday, November 28, 2012

XNA and Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8

Microsoft does not always make it easy to use their latest toys.

The Good
I recently rebuilt my computer and, wanting to stay on the forefront of technology, I of course installed Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012. Both products come with a series of pros and cons, but the quick boot up times of Windows 8 and the parallel builds of Visual Studio 2012 make them both winners in my book.

The Bad
That being said, the first project that I wanted to work on after rebuilding my machine was a small XNA game that I have been writing for a while now. Unfortunately that XNA has been unofficially retired, and Microsoft is not making it easy for people to continue using their product.

And The Ugly
To use XNA on Windows 8 you must first download and install Games for Windows LIVE Redistributable. Then you must install XNA Studio into Visual Studio 2010 and manually copy the installed assemblies to Visual Studio 2012.

Here are the details:

I hope that helps,

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