Sunday, March 11, 2012

Converting SNES Soundtracks to MP3

Do you like video game soundtracks from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System? Do all of your media devices use the MP3 format? Well then you are in luck!

You can download any SNES sound track and convert all of it's tracks to MP3 for free.

Step 1: Setup the Tools

Step 2: Go get some music is a very nearly complete archive of all SNES soundtracks. Go there, find something you like, and download the RSN file. These RSN files are actually archives contains all of the individual tracks in SPC format.

Open the RSN file using WinRAR and extract the SPCs. If you have properly installed the foo_gep component, you should now be able to open and play these files in Foobar.

(Having a hard time deciding what to get? Check out VGMuseum's top SNES Soundtracks.)

Step 3: Convert to MP3

Create a playlist in Foobar of all the tracks that you wish to convert. Select them, right click, and select convert.

Set the output format to "MP3 Lame". Update your destination settings, I recommend specifying an output folder, and setting a multi-track file pattern of "%album%\%album% - %title%". There is no need to update the processing or other settings unless you wish to.

Click convert and the program will ask you to specify the file path of the LAME MP3 Encoder that you downloaded in step 1. Just put in the path and select lame.exe

Step 4: Rock out!

Foobar should now be converting your SPC files to MP3s. :)



  1. I did this, but the quality wasn't very good at the end..

  2. it worked like a charm for me! thanks

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